Tan With Vivid

Experience the Ultimate Tandom...You and Vivid Tan!

If you are looking for the tan of your life, Vivid Tan will be your tanning salon of choice. Vivid Tan prides itself with its relaxing atmosphere to develop that "Ultimate glow!" At Vivid Tan, we are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced tanning equipment, most knowledgeable staff and most efficient skin care products in the industry. Vivid Tan offers five major ways to get the tan of your life: Club Memberships, Sunless Tanning, 60 Minute packages, 30-Day rates and Single Sessions. Each option has tanning benefits...you can rest assure that our knowledgeable staff will help you make the right tanning decisions. Learn More about Membership & Pricing.

Our Tanning Beds


The Deluxe is what Vivid Tan calls a "Basic" tanning unit & is best suited for clients on a financial budget who want to build their base tan slowly. This Deluxe unit is everything you'd want from the world's leading tanning equipment. From a value standpoint, nothing outperforms this 20-minute maximum exposure, 32-lamp unit!



The Premier tanning unit has plenty of UV performance in its compact shape. A step up from the Deluxe sunbed, the Premier unit will reach your tanning goals more quickly. The Premier is equipped with low-pressure UV lamps & some units with 3 High-pressure facial tanners that include glass reflector technology this unit. Awesome power, Beautiful design!



The Diamond sunbed, with 46 Turbo Power UV lamps & 3-520 Ultra Performance facial tanners will impress any tanning enthusiast. The reflector neck & shoulder tanner result in the perfect all-over tan.  A new Body Shape acrylic, with its extra-wide surface, allows clients an amazing amount of movement so they can find just the right position. 



The Celebrity gives tanners an extreme experience. 52 Dynamic Power, 200-watt UV lamps for a deep tan, an  advanced facial tanner system with 4 Ultra Performance units & 3 additional UV-B spaghetti lamps leave nothing to be desired, while 2 high-pressure shoulder tanners with Ultra Performance technology seal the package.